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Not just another car tracker!

CARLO is your companion mobile app that will help you locate your car anywhere at any time.
With CARLO your car’s location and maintenance needs are covered and the days of worrying about your car are behind you.


  • With CARLO, you can share your location with anyone or inform 24|7 Home Rescue for roadside assistance
  • Decrease costly repairs by getting on-time reminders about MOT renewals and car service
  • Understand your car’s needs by getting alerts about car faults and remote diagnostics. With CARLO you will get car accident assistance
  • Optimise your routes and car expenditure by knowing your trips summary and fuel consumption
  • Discover your driving behavior by learning about speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and more. You may find yourself wanting to beat your own eco score
  • Track more than one car with our Family Package


Easy Plug and Play



Just plug in the tracker in the OBD port that is usually located under your steering wheel column


Download the My 24|7 App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and follow the simple on-screen steps to register your device and car


Start monitoring and tracking your car

Where to find your OBD Port

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column.

About OBD Device

OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. CARLO OBD tracker is a device that helps to keep your car connected to the app and gives you insights of your car. CARLO OBD device provides a remote car diagnostics that helps you to make right decisions and monitor your car’s health.


OUR Advantage

CARLO is your CAR’s personal assistant. It is Reliable, Efficient and Cost-Effective app that will provide you peace of mind and ensures your car is always serviced, safe and secure.

CARLO will cover your car’s needs and help alleviate some of the mundane responsibilities that comes with owning a car.

MyCarlo Features List

Keep your car:


With our automated reminders you will never miss a Service again


The days of worrying are over, with your new companion CARLO


Get alerted when the device is removed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Ordering

How can I order My CARLO?

  • You can easily order My CARLO on
  • We accept the following payment methods:

Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard 

Do you offer a warranty on the My CARLO device?

  • My CARLO devices come with a 12-month warranty

Do you charge a monthly fee?

  • There are two subscription models
    My CARLO subscription covers all operational costs, including connectivity through the mobile network and My CARLO updates and maintenance. My CARLO is the most affordable car tracking solution on the market.

Option 1: £134.99 one-time payment and no monthly payment for 12 months. (After 12 months, a monthly fee of £ 2.99 will be charged.)

Option 2: £9.99 for the device and you pay £4.99 per month. Includes recovery premium package worth £59.88

Carlo+ is an additional £1 per month subject to the compatibility of your vehicle. 

How does it work?

Is the location of the car shown in real time?

  • The location of the vehicle is updated every 60 seconds when the car is moving and every 60 minutes when the engine is off.

How long does it take for me to get notified from the time the event occurs?

  • The events are reported in near-real time and is dependent on the quality of the mobile network.

Do I need to keep the app running for My CARLO to work?

  • The app doesn’t need to be running after you have set up your preferences. The notifications and alarms will work, even if the My CARLO app is not running.

Do I need to be in my car for My CARLO to work?

  • My CARLO works regardless of your proximity to your car. In a nutshell, My CARLO App is designed to work anywhere in the world.

Can My CARLO be used to track other vehicles?

  • Yes, you can track any vehicle which has an OBD port.
  • The CARLO device will monitor any one vehicle, which the user has signed up with (Since, the VRN number is used for the sign-up process). If the device is used on another vehicle, we might end up having inconsistent data since the CARLO device is signed up to a single VRN number.

Will My CARLO app notify the police if my car gets stolen?

  • No, only the user is notified.

Will My CARLO benefit me to reduce my insurance premiums?

  • You should check with your insurance provider.

How does the My CARLO app affect my phone's battery life?

  • The battery consumption will be similar to any other app.

What happens if my subscription is not active for an extended period of time?

  • The SIM card inside the device will be automatically terminated after a failed direct debit collection. If you did your subscription and the SIM card gets terminated, please contact us at to get a new SIM card for free.

My CARLO Device

Is My CARLO device hard to install?

  • Not at all. It’s a simple plug and play installation. My CARLO device plugs into the car’s OBD port (standard connector in every car, manufactured since 1996).

Can I switch the device from one car to another?

  • Yes, you can easily switch the device from one car to another car. However, we do not recommend it as the data is set for a specific vehicle. All the historic information will be of the previous car unless you set it up as another car. Kindly contact if you wish to switch My CARLO device to a different vehicle.

How do I power My CARLO device?

  • My CARLO is powered by your car while connected and the internal battery is charged automatically.

What happens when My CARLO device gets disconnected?

  • My CARLO device comes with a built-in battery, which enables the device to work for some time after it gets disconnected. You will be notified when the device is disconnected, and when it stops working.

Can My CARLO device affect my car's onboard computer in any way?

  • No, the device only uses the OBD port for charging and does not affect your car’s onboard computer in any way.
  • If you choose CARLO Plus, the device listens on your car’s OBD port for information related to fault codes, fuel level, Engine RPM, etc The device should not interfere with your vehicle’s operational condition.

How does My CARLO device affect the car battery?

  • My CARLO device has different power saving modes, so when the car is idle, it will consume only around 2mA. Even if your car is idle for a couple of weeks, there should be no problem.


In which countries can I buy My CARLO?

  • At the moment, My CARLO is available in the UK.

Which countries are covered by My CARLO subscription service?

  • The sim is for UK only – we can provide a roaming sim if needed.

Which phones does My CARLO app support?

  • All phones running Android 5.0 and iOS 8 or later. My CARLO app is free to download.

OBD Port

What is an OBD Port?

  • The on-board diagnostics or OBD port is the connector that repair technician uses to access your car’s onboard computer.

How can I find my car's OBD port?

  • The OBD port is usually located somewhere under the car’s steering wheel column in most cars. You can use the website to help you locate the OBD port as well. If you do not find the exact year of manufacture for your car, select the year closest to the year of manufacture of your car.

Is My CARLO compatible with the OBD1?

  • My CARLO works with the OBD1, but you will need to use an OBD1-to-OBD2 converter cable.

Data Security

Is my data secure?

  • We take privacy seriously. Your data is completely safe with us. Check out our privacy policy for details.

Have any questions or ideas?